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Tosyali Receives Hot DRI Conveyor for Algerian Plant

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10/11/2016 – AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH has delivered a specialized bucket conveyor that will enable hot charging of iron into the electric arc furnace at the new Tosyali steel plant in Algeria.

algerian-qatari-steelAccording to AUMUND, the , which links a Midrex shaft furnace at the plant with the arc furnace, is designed to move 323 tons per hour of hot direct reduced iron at temperatures of 750 degrees Celsius.

“Compared with cold charging, the conveying of hot DRI saves up to 6 percent on electrode consumption. The tap-to-tap times and primary energy source carbon requirements are reduced, so this in turn reduces the (carbon dioxide) emissions,” the company said in a statement.

The conveyor is 116 m long and has several special features, the company said.

“The improved sealing of this conveyor protects the material from environmental influences; the inert system prevents the re-oxidization of the highly reactive bulk material and permits the transportation of the DRI without great losses in the level of metalization.”

According to AUMUND, Tosyali is building what it says is the world’s largest DRI plant at its mill in Bethioua, Algeria. The new plant is designed to produce to 2.5 million tons annually and can make both hot and cold DRI.



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